Storm Prayers

“Disillusionment with the church of her upbringing separated Patricia Hoolihan from her family and some true north in her spirit, until, lying near death at twenty-seven, she opened to mystery and grace. With the humility of the seeker, she listened anew to her family of storytellers: the unforgettable Bernie and Gert, the high-flying Uncle Dan, the tales of her Irish ancestors. Here’s a spirit so open to beauty, humor, and love that you’ll feel lucky to know her. And you’ll feel that you do know her if you ve ever lost faith in true north. Patricia Hoolihan knows how to tell a story. Her voice is artful and honest, and she’s brought a fierce consciousness to that slipperiest of subjects–the ties that both bind, and bind us to one another.” –~Patricia Weaver Francisco, author of Telling

Storm Prayers is an intriguing and highly readable account describing a labyrinthine path to retrieve the profound in Patricia’s real life experience. Hers is a journey which in many ways relates to universal human experience, but in some incredible way touches down on and in my–and I’m sure many other people’s–most painful and most positively felt parts of our lives.” –~Fr. Michael O’Connell, pastor of the Church of the Ascension, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“After you have read this book, you will be touched and grateful to know this appealing Irish–Canadian–American family of mystics and explorers. In Storm Prayers, Patricia Hoolihan reflects on religion, tradition, and personal freedom in ways that are relevant to us all.” –~Jill Breckenridge, author of Miss Priss and the Con Man and The Gravity of Flesh

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