Other Books

Launching Your Teen Into Adulthood

Using this thoughtful guide, parents can help older teens confidently navigate the issues and developmental transitions that will inevitably arise as they prepare to leave home. This road map for mentoring and advising young people to make good choices from a positive, strength-based perspective covers such topics as finding a good fit for school and work, dealing with money, living independently, setting goals, caring for personal needs, dealing with emotional challenges, handling new relationships, and developing a future-focused orientation. Each chapter also includes checklists, interviews, and resource sheets for parents and teens to help prepare for and succeed with this important life transition.

A Moment’s Peace for Parents of Teens

Parents who struggle to find balance on the roller-coaster ride of raising teens are led through calming daily reflections in this handy, self-affirming guide written by a parent for parents. To make it easy for people with busy schedules, each reflection is only one page long, and subjects cover everyday topics like family humor and musical tastes to larger contemplations including loss, teen sexuality, and drug abuse. Readers are encouraged to abandon their attitude that child raising is a process that flows solely from parent to child and to instead think of raising children as a flowing interaction between parent, child, and other family members.

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